The Magic Girl: Emma Watson

She is our favorite muggle-born witch who is smart, brave, and optimistic; she is an actress, model and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador; she blazed the Hollywood trail, graduated from an Ivy League school, and has lived life in the spotlight since age 9. Her name is Emma Watson.

How does she become a successful person?

Anyone cannot become an overnight sensation without efforts. Success needs to concentrate on what you want to do and understand what you should do. When it comes to success, that means you must insist on your goal and don’t afraid of failure. Emma Watson’s succeed is not a coincidence as well.

“Success isn’t just outward wealth and glamor; true success is the ability to be comfortable in your skin”, said by Emma. Obviously, success is not something on superficial, it is the way when you go ahead step by step. Emma believes a successful person need to have the spirit of dedication, humbleness and integrity. Never give up pursuit of your dream.

A New Status: UN Women Goodwill Ambassador

The UN Women campaign HeForShe expresses another aspects of Emma. As UN Women Goodwill Ambassador in July 2014, she has a speech about gender equal rights and calls on men to advocate gender equality. Her presentation has focus on gender stereotypes and the meaning of feminism. At the end of her speech, she said, “We are struggling for a uniting word but the good news is we have a uniting movement. It is called HeForShe.”

As we can see, her successful is inevitable because of her efforts and positive attitude towards to life. Emma Watson has given us an image to look up to, and she’s provided the general population a breath of fresh air.




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