Target Audience VS Social Web Strategies

Untitled Infographic副本


What are the substantive differences between the target audiences and the social web strategies? Does business, nonprofit and government has the same target audiences? How does those organizations implement the social strategies that are fit for them? In fact, social strategy to the success of any businesses, nonprofit organizations and governments is identifying your target audience.

As we can see from the infographic, governments, nonprofits and businesses need to determine their own strategy in order to distinguish audiences and goals. In terms of goals and objects, governments have used the social platform more in sharing news to the public, gaining more valuable feedback from their audience and using it for election. It is important for governments to open a new phase when they connected with people via social media. What is more, there is no doubt that everyone is not a target audience for nonprofit organization. It is difficult to effectively or efficiently reach a wide range of audience. Therefore, nonprofit organizations pay more attention on promoting an event, recruiting multiple volunteers who they want to reach and connecting with other relevant organizations to expand their nonprofit career. As for businesses, not only focus on getting feedback from customers, but also focus on the activity of competitors. More importantly, branding your staff is a new way to promote your business and enhance your core competitiveness.

According to the different social platform presenting on the diagram, governments, nonprofit organization and businesses need to choose the fittest social network for them because every social tool has their own features. For instance, there are 901 million users using Facebook; as a result, Facebook is the first choice of governments, nonprofit organization and businesses because of its wide range of audience. Moreover, owing to the requirement of occupation, employees are encouraged to make their own profile via LinkedIn and Google+. In addition, if you launch an event and post it on Pinterest that can show the professional images and can advocate more volunteers to join in.

From my perspective, the target audience for government is citizen even people around the world. As for nonprofit organizations, they can recruit multiple volunteers. Customers and competitors are the target audience for businesses. Generally, identifying a target audience is the premise and the key to help you achieve your goals. Target audience can specific to individuals, but social strategy is making the general plan and teaching what should we do.




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