Does social influence have deep impact on our lives?

Does social influence have deep impact on our lives?

There are two aspects including positive and negative influence on social network. On the one hand, social network has a deep impact on our lives. It makes the society more transparent and disseminates the information more rapidly. Individual’s thoughts, feelings, even actions are affected easily by other people on social media. For instance, individual may remember one word said by a celebrity or obey the order from a person who has charisma. Moreover, social network also build on passions and interests. People who have the same hobby or same avocation will share the information about the topic so that people can find their congener directly. Therefore, social network has positive impact on individuals because people can gain some positive information.

On the other hand, social network also has negative influence on individual. People may affect by some strangers on the social network easily. Because of anonymity, people can express any view (both positive and negative) without responsibility on social network. They don’t consider about other’s feelings even the words are harsh opinions. What is more, information on the network cannot be filtered or purified; as a result, we cannot avoid the criminal or violence news on social network. Consequently, social network has disadvantage as well.



  1. Boyd Neil (@BoydNeil) · 九月 30, 2014

    I’m assuming the characters say ‘comments’ . . . Perhaps you could do a bit of analysis on what the network image above is telling you.

    • pepsi0922 · 十月 1, 2014

      This image is my social circle in Toronto so far. Last year, I used facebook to set up my social relationship with my landlord and her children. They introduced facebook to me. Then I knew my friend and teacher, we communicated with each other via different kinds of social network. And i knew lots of new friends via my facebook friend. These social network are the platform for stranger to know each other and influence by closer friends who prefer to use social network to connect with their friends. Therefore, as we can see from the image, I am the center of the social relationship, my friends can know each other because of me. I do think social media can have an deep impact on our lives.


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